Traditional Logistics



As leaders in the automotive industry, we have been selected to service multiple Railroads and Manufacturers to deliver unwavering Safety & Quality results. Our extensive experience, knowledge and ability to adapt to everyday demands separates us from our competition. Servicing a terminal is more than loading or unloading vehicles. There are many other important components that make for a cohesive and successful operation.


Destination facilities play a vital role in the transportation chain. The fluidity can have a great impact on preventing railcar backlog. We specialize in keeping all the parts moving to ensure our customers have adequate availability of empty railcars to service the origin terminals. We work directly with multiple haul-away partners to assist in the delivery of a damage free product.


The transportation chain starts with a steady releasing operation. The ability to adjust to surges, heavy releases and quality holds is the key to keeping the OEM fluid. As an added service, we provide a robust and comprehensive inventory system which we can customize internally to meet all customer needs. When we serve as both the releasing agent and loading agent we have the ability to offer more competitive rates while maintaining a SAFE & QUALITY operation.


An integral component of an origin operation is the shuttle. Maintaining a steady stream of shippable vehicles supports the loading operation to be successful in managing dwell time and delivering a timely product.


Switching A safe and successful switching operation starts with a solid plan. Anticipating inbound trains along with having railcars ready for departure ensures we do our part in keeping the railroad on time. Our experience includes switching of multi-levels, tank and various other railcars.


Limiting the Bad Order railcars with an in depth inspection followed by dependable workmanship is a critical segment in keeping the railcar supply flowing as a revenue source. We understand our customer needs and we will ensure our team is on the forefront of maintaining the customer’s railcar fleet.


We manage all aspects of a terminal so that our customers can focus on their core business. This includes operations, logistics, reporting, managing 3rd parties and maintenance. Our added services philosophy is designed to streamline the reporting along with maintaining consistency throughout the operation.


Pride begins at the gate, the upkeep and condition of a facility speak volumes of the care and respect of a business. The “PRIDE” of the facility includes landscaping , snow removal, building repairs which are all essential to a well maintained facility. As part of our culture , we train our leaders to communicate and address aesthetics and/or state of a terminal.


A superior preventive maintenance service is vital to minimizing costly emergency repairs and eliminating downtime. We utilize a state of the art customized application to document and track servicing and repairs.


Track condition affects the ability of any switch operation to safely and efficiently handle railcar movement. Our staff performs a detailed and comprehensive track inspection and can make or coordinate repairs to ensure the constant flow of railcars.


Maintaining an accurate inventory to a VIN detail level is a key component to any operation. Our internal inventory system captures all necessary data and can communicate via EDI with external systems. Our experienced team will work with your in house inventory system.


As part of our Safety & Quality commitment, we audit our processes using internal apps that record the data allowing us to analyze the data and use it to improve all facets of our operations.

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