Traditional Logistics


We manage all aspects of a terminal so that our customers can focus on their core business. This includes operations, logistics, reporting, managing 3rd parties and maintenance.

Our added services philosophy is designed to streamline the reporting, along with maintaining consistency throughout the operation.


A successful operation is dependent on the planning of each function of the workflow which hinges on the availability and visibility of data. Our team uses state of the art technology to support our staff in real time and have full visibility of every segment of the transportation process.


Providing and/or managing facility security offers unique challenges. We provide security solutions that not only help protect against risks, but enable our customer to make faster, more informed decisions about their security operations. Installation of camera systems and robust application/systems is one of the many services we offer.


Risk mitigation begins with solid processes to ensure damage free handling of all customer product. Identifying and documenting damages prior to handling through our internal Zeus application minimizes claim cost for us and our customer by placing liability with the responsible party. Our extensive database allows us visibility of trends to be part of the quality process.


Maintaining an accurate inventory to a VIN detail level is a key component to any operation. Our internal inventory system captures all necessary data and can communicate via EDI with external systems. Our experienced team will work with your in house inventory system.


As part of our Safety & Quality commitment, we audit our processes using internal apps that record the data allowing us to analyze the data and use it to improve all facets of our operations.

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