Traditional Logistics


AAR Certification M1002, M1003

We adhere to the Specification M-1003 and M-1002, for Quality Assurance, covering the requirements for Association of American Railroads (AAR) approval of products, services, and materials.

Quality requirements and continued reduction of variation and waste are essential to the final customer, supply base, and certified organization.


We handle all aspects of tank car switching where our primary purpose is the safe and efficient movement of cars. Our duties generally consist of making up and breaking up trains, storing and classifying cars, serving industries within yard limits, and other related purposes. These movements are made at slow speed under special yard rules.


The transportation of hazmat by rail is subject to strict oversight by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Railroads work in partnership with these and other local, state and federal entities on hazmat-related issues including train routing, security, tank car design, emergency response and more. We train our teams to follow all federal regulations, ensuring we are always up to date with current certifications and standards.


From liquids, plastics, and materials transfers, we specialize in safely and efficiently moving your products to and from the rail car, utilizing the industries most up to date methods. While maintaining inventory of your products, we adhere to all federal and local regulations while observing our own strict processes.


The ethanol industry is one of the largest shippers of hazardous material on the rail. It is of highest importance that our teams throughout the country are well prepared and trained for ethanol and ethanol-blended fuel-related process, checks, and emergencies that may occur. The protection of our employees, the community, and the environment provide the basis for our strict process we abide by.


This inspection is a fundamental part of the rail cars transportation cycle and must be inspected by the crew for defective equipment and other safety concerns. Inspection Items include: Brake Rigging,leaning/listing/sagging car-body, objects dragging under or extending from cars, insecure coupling, wheel defects, hand brakes, and all safety appliances.

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