Traditional Logistics


With our extensive fleet of tractor trailers and carhaul trailers, we stand ready to serve all customer needs. Our fleet includes full size carhaulers as well as ‘hot shot’ trailers which can haul 3 unit loads.

This wide range of equipment allows us to offer versatility for all our customer needs.


The ever-changing needs of our industry offers multiple opportunities for transportation deviations and changes in vehicle movement. Our team specializes in these deviations and is supported by late model equipment to prevent downtime.


Our wide range of equipment sizes and styles are uniquely suited for short haul operations. We can provide various equipment options depending on customer needs.


Our late model equipment is ideal for long haul operations. Our DOT Manager oversees the licensing and permitting of equipment so as to dispatch with minimum notice.


We have drivers with both DOT and CDL certifications per FMCSA regulations. Our team of providers includes a 3PL service which maintains all driver documentation as required by FMCSA.

Our Associates doing The Right Thing - The Right Time - The Right Reason