Traditional Logistics


Pride begins at the gate, the upkeep and condition of a facility speak volumes of the care and respect of a business.

The “PRIDE” of the facility includes landscaping , snow removal, building repairs which are all essential to a well maintained facility. As part of our culture , we train our leaders to communicate and address aesthetics and/or state of a terminal.


We warehouse over 20,900 linear feet of fencing which we can install at off-site yards or use to temporarily secure damaged fencing. We can deploy our fencing team within hours.


The landscaping and ground maintenance sets the tone of a facility. A well manicured and maintained terminal not only welcomes everyone but also sets the expectation for the employees and visitors. Proper grounds maintenance is also important to prevent vegetation over growth that can cause damage to fences, building and vehicles.


Line and signage visibility affects both safety and quality. Ensuring proper traffic flow reduces the propensity of yard accidents. Accurate baying placement is equally important to maintain an exact inventory and eliminates double handling of vehicles due to mis-bays.


The life span of asphalt can be 10 – 20 years depending on several factors such as climate, traffic and lastly how well the installation was done to begin with. At some point the asphalt will begin to crack and rather than making a capital investment repaving, crack fill is a more inexpensive option that will assist in prolonging the life of the asphalt.


During inclement weather, proper snow removal is crucial for the safety and quality of a facility. A well trained snow removal crew with proper equipment and planning supports the fluidity of the operation and reduces downtime and congestion.

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