Traditional Logistics


Drive-Away is an important segment of the vehicle distribution process. Our strengths lie in the challenges such as volume fluctuation, quality holds, load density planning and other issues that cause deviation.

That’s where we come in, we can handle heavy volumes in short periods or long term alleviating congestion.


A successful operation is dependent on the planning of each function of the workflow which hinges on the availability and visibility of data. Our team uses state of the art technology to support our staff in real time and have full visbility of every segment of the transportation process.


Maintaining an accurate inventory to a VIN detail level is a key component to any operation. Our internal inventory system captures all necessary data and can communicate via EDI with external systems. Our experienced team will work with your in house inventory system.


The ever-changing needs of our industry offers multiple opportunities for transportation deviations and changes in vehicle movement. Our team specializes in these deviations and is supported by late model equipment to prevent downtime.


Cross-Ship is a specific drive-away program designed to maximize the load density shipment at origin locations. For instance, a plant with 10 load density and a plant with 8 load density can cross-ship their product so that both origins can achieve railcar load optimization of a 10. Not only is this a cost savings for the shipper, it also decreases the number of railcars needed to keep up with production.


As quality holds and volume surges continue to play a major role in everyday operations, off-site lots will remain to serve as a critical component of the logistical chain. Our team is experienced in off-site operations including the set-up, security, fencing, inventory and daily management.


Modifications to a vehicle to meet the specific needs of a customer is a common practice. The movement and handling of the vehicles is dependent on solid communication and teamwork. We currently work with 10+ Upfitters throughout the nation.


As part of our Safety & Quality commitment, we audit our processes using internal apps that record the data allowing us to analyze the data and use it to improve all facets of our operations.

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