Traditional Logistics


A superior preventive maintenance service is crucial to minimizing costly emergency repairs and eliminating downtime. We utilize a state of the art customized application to document and track servicing and repairs.

Our knowledgeable team specializes in hydraulic and diesel repairs. We have the ability to refurbish and rehabilitate multi-level ramps and other customer equipment.


Our knowledgeable team will perform a detailed inspection of equipment and document findings using our internal inspection app. This allows for a timely and competitive quote submission.


Our fleet of maintenance equipment includes a full-service mobile maintenance truck which can be deployed to various locations to inspect, perform PM and repairs.


The equipment within a facility is the backbone of the operation. To extend the life expectancy of any piece of equipment, it is vital to go through a detailed inspection on a regular schedule. A thorough PM program not only reduces repair costs but reduces the likelihood of downtime due to equipment failure.


When equipment repairs are necessary, it is important that experienced mechanics with the proper tools perform the work. Our mechanics have extensive experience and knowledge that comes with years in the industry.


We have various electronic applications and programs which we can use and customize to the customers unique needs. If we don’t have the application or program, we can build it to your specifications.

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