Traditional Logistics


Switch Yard Management
OEM plants rely on “JUST IN TIME" and “JUST IN SEQUENCE” parts availability to reduce incorrect parts resulting in plant disruption or downtime.

Our plant switching operations specialize in real time supply of parts trailers which supports the manufacturing process and ultimately the entire supply chain.


Our Monitors record all inbound and outbound activity to maintain the integrity of the inventory. An accurate inventory equates to a fluent shipping & receiving process eliminating unnecessary surges due to lack or surplus of inventory.


With our expertise in this field, we work hand in hand with the plant dock personnel to ensure complete visibility of trailer locations which reduce switching times to and from docks. This also reduces the footprint of maintained inventory to save costs.


Current operations include use of MRT systems as well as 2-Way radio communication. Our associates are trained on the proper use of MRT’s when OEM’s require. Associates are also familiar with 2-Way radio communication processes specific to the OEM.


We have drivers with both DOT and CDL certifications per FMCSA regulations. Our team of providers includes a 3PL service which maintains all driver documentation as required by FMCSA.


Our services include an on-site mobile maintenance truck to facilitate and expedite trailer repairs which reduces out of service equipment. This mobile unit can fabricate parts and trailer components on site. We also use our Mobile Maintenance Team to ensure our tractors remain operational to reduce downtime.

Our Associates doing The Right Thing - The Right Time - The Right Reason